lundi 4 décembre 2017

             BOTTOM UP MAGAZINE issue 12
                         Just released
                          of our Magazine
Yes! 3 years the magazine was launched and we are happy to still existing! This issue will feature a Special FEMDOM in Berlin with the complete reveiw about AVALON RESIDENZ and a exclusive double interview of the both owners Lady Marlon & Lady Mercedes!
Like promised! A full review of the famous FEMDOM BALL LONDON and many other kinky subject


mardi 10 octobre 2017

FEMDOM BALL 2017 Glamorous! Beautiful

Femdom Ball 2017 Glamourous and so beautiful!!!
Bottom Up Magazine team made the trip to London, this last October 7th, for our first participation to the annual event THE FEMDOM BALL offered by Madam Caramel (one of the most important personalities of the English and international BDSM Scene!) Let us tell you the event was gorgeous and we are ready to come back next year! Madam Caramel did a really good job! All the guests were awesome and the venue fabulous!

We were very surprised by the warm welcome from Mistress Evilyne who cooperated to the event and I cannot forget all the team! The logistic was well thought! We plunged into real Femdom and gynosupremacy world! All Mistresses coming from USA, Canada and many European corners were very stunning. We can only thank Madam Caramel and Mistress Evilyne for that magical event and a full review about the party will be published in our next Bottom Up Magazine issue! We still have stars in our eyes!!! 
                                                            Photo: Femdom Ball

Night of the Queens in Japan

After a good 17 years of experience between France and New York City, the total FEMDOM party NIGHT of the QUEENS is back but also moves in the country of the Rising Sun thanks the Dragon's Circle based in Osaka! The party is private and Mistresses/Slaves who would like to participate should book. The place will be kept secret but we can say the event will be set in a nice place of Osaka! The date is Saturday May 12th.
              7PM to 9.30PM  - Stimuling BDSM Artshow will feature                  the art by Local  Japanese artists & Laurent Lebeau
              Starting 9:30PM -  A French Buffet will be offered to all 
               Starting 11:00 -  The play party will start with a slave 
                                           auction and a Femdom Performance. 
                            More info will be soon available!                                                                               

mercredi 6 septembre 2017

                  BOTTOM UP ISSUE 11   
               "Special Domestic Discipline"
                     JUST RELEASED
Yes, we are proud to tell you we are welcoming Miss Kenworthy from England in our latest issue of Bottom Up Magazine! This is a special "Domestic Discipline and we talk about spanking, discipline, sissification and much more... On the contents
 - Society: The Domestic Discipline world
- Interview: Miss Kenworthy
- Practice: The OTK spanking
- History: The Countess of Ségur
- Video: The English Governess production
- As a bonus!!! A part of the story "The Old Fashioned Discipline Academy"
and like usually, events review, Our comic "The Red Castle", Mistress Charlyn is speaking....
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vendredi 30 juin 2017

Yes Femdom Lovers and Mistresses! This is the best party we never seen in London! and our publication will be surely there next October 7th 2017!
It is better to RSVP and Mistress Caramel is looking for Sissy Maid & Servants to serve the greatest Dominatrix of all England! Top Mistresses from London, the four sides of England and also Europe will come to meet each other on their best fetish attire and will play all night long.
A full review will be published!
More information are available 

dimanche 30 avril 2017


 Yes! This is a fantastic issue because we have interviewed one of the greatest Dominatrix of the FemDom World! Lady Asmondena has annswered to our question and beleive us! It was so magical!
 We also talking about OWK in the present and the futur with the Womania project!
Then don't miss our History chapter with Catherine of Medicis and the next episode of Red Castle! You can order your copy

jeudi 27 avril 2017

The Red castle comic book just released!!!

  The Red Castle Comic Book is released!!!
 Yes! We are proud to present you the longest Adult Graphic Novel (Comic book) realized and created by Laurent Lebeau! And let us to tell you this is a real masterpiece! If you read Bottom Up Magazine since the begining, you have seen épisodes in each of our issues. This time this is a full E-Book of 140 pages!
 A pure inspiration of the infamous OWK! The Red Castle is training submissive men into real slavery with a team of stunning, gorgeous and really merciless Mistresses. Slave Allan has been sent by his wife and Mistress owner to that institute the author has set in Slovakia and created by a rich woman: Madam Raven! To launch the book, we offer you a discounted price of 15€ ONLY until next May 30th! Jump on that offer because the official price will be 19€!!!
Don't miss this 140 pages book! This part 1 will be followed by a second one! featuring new other Mistresses and following the cruel Madam Krista, madam Valentina or again Madam Irina
You can puchase this E-BOOK now!
                                                           CLICK HERE